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Management and automation of business processes in a few days, not years

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SharePoint is mobile, beautiful and smart. Share and manage content, knowledge and documents. In a second, find the information, document, or person you're looking for. SharePoint is designed for effective collaboration!

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Effective communication. Inform, share and collaborate from anywhere.


Secure storage. Save and create documents together from anywhere.

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Smart search. In a moment, find an information, a document or a person.

Práca na počítači s nocode platformou


Bi analyses and reports. Keep track of your business performance from anywhere.

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Process automation. Create applications and automate business processes.

Microsoft 365 is mobile, beautiful and smart. It combines the best applications of the Office package with powerful cloud services to increase both corporate and personal productivity.

What should a modern digital workplace contain?


Teamwork like never before. Video calls, chat, collaboration on projects and files in Microsoft Teams.


Even better Office apps. Well-known Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook with constant improvements.

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Smart and mobile intranet from anywhere. Effective intra-company communication and collaboration in Microsoft SharePoint.

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Secure storage for all files. Save, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere with OneDrive.


Smart search. In a moment, find an information, document, or person in Microsoft Search.


Overview using BI analyses and reports. Keep track of your business performance from anywhere with Power BI.

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Business Process Automation. Create applications and automate business processes using Power Platform.

Microsoft Power platform is the world's leading low-code platform for easy and fast development of powerful business applications and process automation without the need for programming.We master technology for your success.

What are low-code and no-code platforms?
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MS Power BI

Provide analytical insight and allow your team to make informed decisions based on facts.

More about Power BI
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MS Power Apps

Turn ideas into business solutions by enabling your workers to create applications.

More about Power Apps
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MS Power Automate

Radically increase business productivity by enabling your workers to automate processes.

More about Power Automate
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MS  Virtual agents

Respond quickly to the needs of your customers and employees with smart chatbots.

More about Power Virtual Agents

Nintex is the most complete no-code platform that allows quick and easy management, automation, robotisation and optimization of business processes and the creation of intelligent applications.

What are low-code and no-code platforms?
Zamestnanci spolu objavujú nocode platformu


Visually plan, map and manage your business processes with the Nintex Promapp® tool that teams love to use.

  • Plan
    Define the processes that can make the most impact to your organization.
  • Map
    Map processes easily in collaboration with others in your organization.
  • Share
    Share and get feedback from other team members to optimize processes.
More about Nintex Promapp®
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Digitize processes, create interactive forms and mobile applications by clicking, not coding.

Plánovanie procesov pre nocode softvér


Know and optimize your automated business processes thanks to insights from analysis and statistics.

  • Monitor
    Monitor your processes to quickly identify and address issues.
  • Analyze
    Use data visualization to pinpoint potential process improvements.
  • Improve
    Simply update processes based on fact-based analytical insight.
More about Nintex Analytics

Blue Prism is a leading RPA platform. Relieve employees of repetitive time-consuming manual activities, minimize the error rate and free them for more creative and important tasks.

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?
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Intelligent RPA

Blue Prism is intelligent no-code automation that pushes the boundaries of robotic process automation (RPA) to deliver value in every business process of a modern enterprise.
Obrazovka s fiktívnymi úlohami

RPA market leader

The combination of RPA with enhanced cognitive capabilities and artificial intelligence distinguishes Blue Prism from other automation technologies on the market.

With one Blue Prism license, you get instant access to the digital workforce and the tools you need to create and delegate automations.
Počítačová ruka symbolizujúca automatizáciu biznis procesov

Digital workforce

Just like your employees, you can also train your digital workforce to take on increasingly complex tasks and deploy it within your business wherever and whenever it is most needed, and your people will have more time to focus on strategic and meaningful work. In addition, you can support its decision-making capabilities by integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning and OCR from the Blue Prism digital platform.

Our partnerships

Microsoft is low-code leader

Gartner names Microsoft as a leader in the magic quadrant of "Enterprise low-code Application Platforms".

Gartner 2019

"By 2024, Low-code development will account for more than 65% of total application development."

European Commission

"By 2025, the shortage of IT specialists in the EU will grow to 750,000."
We have complete services, certified specialists and partnerships with Microsoft and Nintex.

Blue Prism RPA is a large and comprehensive platform that requires expertise and rich experience for optimal design and development - robotic process automation. That is why we are here for you.

Professional team
Expertise and know-how
We have a professional internal team of certified specialists who have been working with Nintex products since their origin. We are a certified partner of Nintex.
Excellent price / performance ratio
We provide top quality services at good prices. Our goal is always to deliver more than expected.
Reliability and responsibility
We build long-term relationships by honest communication and quality services, which result in satisfaction and growing trust.

The clients are some of the largest companies on the Slovak market.

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Learn how you can optimize your business processes with Nintex - get a preview from one of our experts.

  • 11+ years on the market
  • 30+ satisfied customers
  • 150+ successful projects
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