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Nintex Forms

Dynamic and responsive online forms.
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Nintex Forms

Nintex Forms is a powerful tool for easy creation of dynamic and responsive online forms with advanced logic,

which will allow not only IT specialists, but also your business employees - non-programmers to quickly and easily create intelligent applications in a few days, not years.

Create sophisticated forms easily

Allow anyone in your organization to design a form using the user-friendly, responsive Nintex Forms tool. Add fields and features such as barcodes, electronic signatures, images, attachments and more. Create multiple tabs to organize information and capture large amounts of data within one form.

Improve user experience with advanced logic

Using the rule builder in Nintex Forms, you can use built-in or custom rules to create dynamic forms that respond based on input from the user. Conditional formatting and validation allow end users to see only the fields they need to fill in, ensuring that correct and accurate information is collected the first time.

Capture data on any device, anywhere

Thanks to responsive and mobile forms, you will be able to enter data on any device. Field workers can receive and share important data in seconds; customers can send feedback on the go; key stakeholders can sign urgent contracts on the way to the airport. The possibilities are endless.

Nintex platforma - rpa roboti

Precise inputs for automated processes

By combining dynamic Nintex Forms and automated Nintex Workflow processes, you get a powerful process platform for successful digital transformation of your business. Based on inputs, automatically assign tasks, send notifications, get electronic signatures and allow your teams to move forward efficiently.

Do not program. Click and configure.

Nintex is the most complete no-code platform that allows quick and easy management, automation, robotisation and optimization of business processes and the creation of intelligent applications.

More about Nintex platform

We have complete services, certified specialists and partnerships with Microsoft and Nintex.

Professional nintex services

Expertise and know-how
We have a professional internal team of certified specialists who have been working with Nintex products since their origin. We are a certified partner of Nintex.
Excellent price / performance ratio
We provide top quality services at good prices. Our goal is always to deliver more than expected.
Reliability and responsibility
We build long-term relationships by honest communication and quality services, which result in satisfaction and growing trust.

Our partnerships

The clients are some of the largest companies on the Slovak market.

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Find out how easy it is to create dynamic beautiful online forms thanks to Nintex Forms - get a demonstration from one of our experts.

  • 11+ years on the market
  • 30+ satisfied customers
  • 150+ successful projects
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