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Nintex Sign

Digital signatures, better approval.
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Nintex Sign

Completing approval processes with an electronic signature allows businesses to move forward faster.

With Nintex Sign ® using Adobe Sign, you can create tasks with a few clicks to obtain e-signatures that meet the highest security requirements and comply with current legislation (including QES / KEP - qualified electronic signature).

Accelerate processes requiring signatures

Automate and simplify business processes requiring approval or signature thanks to Nintex Sign. Eliminate manual paper tasks, while increasing the speed of decision-making. Business processes with electronic signatures and automatic document storage will become simpler and more efficient.

Proceed safely and in accordance with the legislation

Nintex Sign using Adobe Sign ensures that the electronic signature on your document is legal and meets even the most demanding industrial and regulatory requirements. Nintex Sign complies with strict global safety standards, including Act No. 272/2016 of the European Parliament and of the Council Regulation (EU) no 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the council 1 July 2014 (eIDAS).

Get a clarity in your e-signature processes

Automate your document-based processes and get an overview of their status at every moment. Follow the document through multiple stages of your automated process, and after saving the final document to the repository of your choice, you have access to a detailed audit.

Nintex platforma - rpa roboti

Approve anywhere, anytime, on any device

Nintex sign allows you to send documents for electronic signature from anywhere, eliminating barriers to signing documents and contracts. With the ability to sign in with just a few clicks from any device, you gain flexibility in how and when your documents are processed and thus offer your signatories an unparalleled user experience.

Do not program. Click and configure.

Nintex is the most complete no-code platform that allows quick and easy management, automation, robotisation and optimization of business processes and the creation of intelligent applications.

More about Nintex platform

We have complete services, certified specialists and partnerships with Microsoft and Nintex.

Professional nintex services

Expertise and know-how
We have a professional internal team of certified specialists who have been working with Nintex products since their origin. We are a certified partner of Nintex.
Excellent price / performance ratio
We provide top quality services at good prices. Our goal is always to deliver more than expected.
Reliability and responsibility
We build long-term relationships by honest communication and quality services, which result in satisfaction and growing trust.

Our partnerships

The clients are some of the largest companies on the Slovak market.

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Learn how you can save time and money with Nintex RPA - get a demonstration from one of our experts.

  • 11+ years on the market
  • 30+ satisfied customers
  • 150+ successful projects
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